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Business Arrangements

Winter 2022 This cancels all previous such lists.


Ordering Roses

(For dispatch or collection). Orders are accepted from November for delivery the following winter. Well packed plants are sent by courier from late July to early September. Any ‘sold out’ varieties should be re-ordered the following spring if still required; we do not carry orders forward which we have been unable to fill. Please make sure that full name, address and telephone no. are included with order.



Payment is not required in advance or accepted with order. Settlement on receipt of invoice is requested by cheque or credit card. Please note we will not process your credit card payment until we send the order and also please make sure the card expiry date is current till at least the end of August. Internet banking is also possible - bank account details will be on your invoice.


Acknowledgement of order & supply

Written orders will be acknowledged promptly. Phone orders are confirmed at time of call. Supply is dependent on quality and quantity at lifting time.



5% on orders of $150. 10% on orders of $250.


Postage & Packing

These charges are extra over and above the cost of plants. We keep these as low as possible.


Stock Numbers

Some years we find we have insufficient stock to fill confirmed orders. Losses are caused by factors over which we have no control, such as weather.



Where both ‘bush’ and ‘climbing’ forms of the same variety are listed it is important when ordering to state “Cl” beside name if this is the one wanted, otherwise we send the ‘bush’ form. It should also be noted that roses listed as ‘shrub/climber’ are varieties which can grow into either type of rose depending largely on how they are pruned; they are not available as two separate forms. We would also advise customers that many climbers make only limited growth in their first season and that some do not flower until their second season though this is rare.


Roses in Containers

Containerised roses are on sale November and December, and couriered early November through to early December only. Summer prices apply and special watering is required.



No substitutes sent unless requested.



Roses are 2 year, budded, high quality plants. If any rose fails to grow, let us know. The rose will be replaced the following winter or cost refunded. Please send us the label and a photo. This guarantee is valid for the 1st growing season only, provided that the plants have been properly planted in suitable garden soil and watered to encourage establishment. We cannot be held responsible for plants that are lost due to lack of adequate care or poor planting. Tasman Bay Roses cannot be responsible for climatic conditions and other conditions which may adversely affect rose culture including pest and disease. Notices of failures, including a photograph and label should be received no later than 20th February in summer following delivery.